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Meridian Asset Recovery & Recycling solutions

    Wondering what sets us apart from our long list of competitors? After we handle removal, packing, and transportation of your equipment, we scan and tag every item by description & OEM Serial Number for the report that will be provided for your records.
    Secured equipment is labeled and goes directly through our rigorous data destruction process which includes data erasure and company asset tag removal. Each unit is then carefully inspected, tested for functionality, restored to original factory settings, and refurbished for re-marketing by a skilled MARRS technician. We pay you more because we sell equipment directly to the end-user! 

    Why let other companies charge you for the removal and packing? We provide the service as a courtesy for the opportunity to purchase your equipment! Not only do we offer onsite data destruction, but you can have trained MARRS technicians decommission your entire data center and pack the retired hardware before we transport to one of our secure facilities for auditing and data destruction.        
    MARRS has helped a long and diverse list of clientele including hospitals, universities, insurance groups, computer leasing companies, energy companies, non-profit organizations, retail chains, restaurant
franchises, law firms, and other fortune 500 companies.

Computer & Laptop Purchasing

Certified Data Destruction

Maximum Investment Recovery

Environmentally Responsible E-Waste Disposal

creative Logistics Solutions

Free Testing and Auditing

Release of Liability

0%  Landfill Policy

Bankruptcy Liquidation

Insurance Loss Recovery

Free Serialized Certificates

End of Lease Return

simplifying the process & maximizing your company’s Return

 From Asset Recovery to E-Waste Disposal, MARRS is the perfect choice for fast, secure, environmentally responsible ITAD resolution. Whether you represent a small business or large corporation, we’ll forge a plan tailored to suit your specific business needs. Unlike most asset management companies who only accept certain items, MARRS will extract all of your retired IT equipment, provide you with a serialized audit report and pay you top dollar for the opportunity to do so.
We work hard to deliver complete, professional IT asset disposition and we base our success on your satisfaction!

Our comprehensive Asset Recovery Program offers you more

We Strive to Maximize Return on your IT Investment