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Meridian Asset Recovery & Recycling solutions

 If your company requires a little more security, we offer physical destruction. 
-HDD shredding -eWaste recycling -Complete physical destruction -Serialized Certificate of Destruction 

pci compliance an issue with decommissioned equipment?

MARRS monitors the ever-changing PCI compliance standards and adheres to the strict data destruction and chain of command practices required for compliance. You can be assured that your company has released it's liability upon pickup of your decommissioned equipment.

Organization require physical destruction & disposal?

marrs uses cutting edge Data Destruction Technology

  Enjoy a peace of mind, knowing we adhere to the highest current standards in data sanitation. 
-US NIST 800-88
This process may include overwriting not only the logical storage location of a file(s) (e.g., file allocation table) to be erased or deleted, but also the entire media including all addressable locations. The security goal of the overwriting process is to replace sensitive data with nonsensitive random data.
Media should be overwritten a minimum of three times using a method based on the information sensitivity contained on the media.
-US Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22-M
As of the November 2007 edition of the DSS C&SM, overwriting is no longer acceptable for sanitation of magnetic media. Only degaussing (with an NSA approved degausser) or physical destruction is acceptable.

When Data Security is company's your primary concern

   MARRS takes the safety of your information seriously. Every item we secure will be internally processed through our data destruction program by a trained MARRS technician. Our program ensures that your data is safely & securely removed from all data bearing devices and all company identification tags are removed.