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Meridian Asset Recovery & Recycling solutions

Environmentally Responsible E-Waste Disposal Serialized Reporting Zero-Tolerance Landfill Policy 
Guaranteed Client Indemnification Downstream Transparency
100% Release of Liability

Doing our part to preserve the environment

    By demanufacturing your company's eWaste into the original raw material that created it, we can salvage its value to provide your company another avenue for return on initial investment! These isolated materials have value. Instead of looking for a safe disposal method, let us help you gain a return recycle your obsolete hardware!

    MARRS follows guidelines set forth by all state, federal and local legislation for recycling and disposal.

    We adhere to EPA Guidelines & maintain a 0% Landfill Policy. Rest assured, when you partner with us, your organization will achieve full release of liability.

electronic waste is the fastest growing trash problem we have

With an estimated 50 million computers become obsolete every year, Electronics Waste is the fastest-growing part of the world’s trash problem. Every day, around the world, individuals and organizations dispose of their E-Waste containing hazardous and toxic materials that pose significant environmental risks.

     Many of these pollutants contain toxic lead oxide that breach into our ground water. PC-related components & batteries contain: chromium, nickel, zinc, mercury and other heavy metals & plastic equipment housings that release dangerous gases into our atmosphere when incinerated.

A partner you can trust for E-Waste management